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Health & Nutrition Specialist


Are You Ready to Eat, Live and Be Healthy Without Another Diet?

The simple truth is – you don’t need the latest "diet." We promote making healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick with. Figuring out healthy eating and living often takes a bit more than simply counting calories and exercising a few times a week. A healthy lifestyle is something that is a part of who you are - not just something you do once in awhile.

The food you eat can make you energized and healthy or it can make you fatigued, unhealthy and overweight. By learning good nutrition and cooking techniques, you will have the tools to create the lasting change you want.

It takes time and support to make changes so that they become part of your lifestyle. Eat Healthy and Thrive is with you every step of the way.



Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  
                                            - Hippocrates