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"Just wanted to say thanks for all your professional advice. I will surely be in touch and look forward to broadening my healthy lifestyle. You are great examples of healthy vegan living and being "Plant Strong!"
Thanks again."

- Dr. Darren Kreitman
Pinnacle Health and Wellness Center - Tamarac, FL

"Hi Texas, I just wanted to give you an update. Here I am, just 30 days into the program and I have already lost 27 pounds! ( I admit, I didn't believe you when you said it was possible). I seriously can't believe how easily the weight came off. I've done every diet out there, struggled and always hated the counting and measuring and always feeling hungry. Not the case at all this time! I can't believe how good the food I'm eating tastes! Even more amazing than the weight loss, is how good I feel. I'm even sleeping better. And my acid reflux is gone! I'm not going to lie, the 1st couple weeks were rough! really rough! But every day got easier. I took your advice and stayed the course. Boy am I glad I did. Seeing the weight come off has definitely been a great motivator. I still have along way to go, but I know with this plan I can get there. I'm a step closer every day. I feel like I have a whole new chance at life.Thanks so much for your support."

- Patty M.
Denver, CO


"I started this nutrition program at a very stressful time and it has changed the way my body deals with stress. Instead of gaining weight, I am losing. Instead of losing sleep, I am sleeping better than ever.  Instead of suffering terrible hormonal swings, I am even and calm.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, I am energetic and positive.  I can't believe that feeling this great could be this easy, I wish I had started a long time ago! Texas is very intuitive, she seems to know what kind of help I need along the way without my asking, she is very gentle, positive, and lives a great example."

-Jeanie B.
Los Angeles, CA

"As an athlete, I came to see Texas, not to lose weight, but to improve my performance. Boy have I! I've PR'd my last 2 races! I feel like I'm recovering faster and I have definitely noticed less pain/inflammation. Plant based living rocks!"

-David A. - Triathlete
San Diego, CA

"When I started I weighed in at 190lbs. After 6 months of following your program, I'm happy to report that I am down 63lbs! I cannot even believe how good I feel. And what a relief when my doctor told me that I did not need the cholesterol and diabetes medications any more. You have helped me get a new lease on life and I am beyond grateful."

-Stacy G.
Manhattan Beach, CA

"Thanks so much for presenting to our group. Your knowledge and insight really opened our eyes. The cooking demo was simply amazing - No one could believe that healthy food could taste so delicious!"

Kirsten S.
Los Angeles, CA

"After completing you 8 week program, I went to my doctor for a check up. He was even more shocked than I was! I have lost 34 lbs and my cholesterol dropped from 210 to 16 and my blood pressure, which had been borderline high is now normal. I feel great and love my new lifestyle."

- Anthony A.
Dallas, TX







You can't fix your health until you fix your diet.”