10 Best Magnesium Supplement 2017

Magnesium is known to aid your bone, muscle and nerve system to function properly under any circumstances. But it will only help when you take a working formula as supplementation.

To ensure you don’t fall for a fake product or subconscious take a wrong decision in choosing the most effective form of magnesium, we are reviewing the 10 best magnesium supplements that are effective in every way that a magnesium supplement should.

10 Best Magnesium Supplement Review 2017

NutriElite Health Products Magnesium Glycinate Supplement

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NutriElite claims that they provide you magnesium, in a form that has higher bioavailability than most other cheap magnesium supplements on the market.

The Magnesium Glycinate they use is gentle on the stomach and shows its effect rather quickly than ordinary magnesium forms. Small and easy swallow pills also maintain normal stress hormone. The supplement also assists you with your gastric bypass.

  • Gentle on stomach
  • Maintains normal stress hormone
  • No laxative properties
  • Vegan
  • Small pills and easy to swallow
  • Assist with bariatric gastric
  • Lets you have a sound sleep
  • Excellent bioavailability

  • Abnormal colors of the pills indicate potential issues with the production quantity.

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Nature Made High Potency Magnesium

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Nature Made soft gels are very efficient in supporting the nervous system. Along with enhanced heart function and muscle function, it also helps you get a sound sleep. Easily absorbable pills maintain your blood circulation. It will also reduce your migraine problems.

The supplement does not contain any chemical fillers and preservatives. That’s why the pills don’t lead to any side effect or allergies.

  • Essential nerve support
  • No fillers and additives
  • Enhances heart and muscle function
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to swallow soft gels
  • Improves your sleeping experience
  • Maintains a healthy blood pressure
  • Reduces migraine
  • High potent

  • Users complained about not feeling the effect even after a week of consumption.

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Sundown Naturals Magnesium

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Sundown Naturals supplement provides your body with a convenient 1-per-day dose of Magnesium. It plays a crucial role in bone formation and supporting bone health.

The supplement also promotes nerve impulse system and muscle health. And the capsules are coated so that you can easily swallow them. Besides, the pills are best for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

  • Involved in muscle contraction
  • Maintains healthy bones
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Free of wheat, gluten, and dairy
  • Enhanced bones and teeth
  • Improved brain function

  • A mild headache can be felt after consumption but not with everyone.

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Nature’s Bounty Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc

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Ensures the maximum absorption of magnesium. The formula they used in this supplement not only gives you the benefits of Magnesium but also provides you all the supports of Calcium and Zinc as well. Clinically tested Calcium- Magnesium – Zinc formula works perfectly to improve your bone health as well as maintaining a healthy immune system.

This supplement is vegetarian-friendly, thus making it suitable to take by anyone who wants to improve their overall health condition.

  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Healthy Immune system
  • Improved bone and teeth health
  • Coated pills
  • Zinc and Calcium benefits with Magnesium
  • Maximum absorption rate

  • The pills are quite big, and they are hard to swallow, even with water.

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Pure Encapsulations – Magnesium (Citrate) – Hypoallergenic Supplement

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Magnesium as a Magnesium Citrate form supports the metabolism in your body. It plays a vital role in improving psychological and enzymatic functions. It also improves the neuromuscular contraction and cardiovascular health.

This high potent magnesium supplement will maintain the acid-alkaline balance and metabolizes the macro nutrients of your body.Also ensures efficient use of Phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and calcium.

When magnesium produces energy in your body, Vitamin D, Phosphorus and Calcium provide a good bone health, which involves bone mineralization. This supplement also improves glucose intake and gives you cranial vessel comfort.

  • Supports metabolism
  • Improves physiological and enzymatic functions
  • Developed Neuromuscular contraction
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health
  • Metabolizes macro nutrients
  • Ensured utilization of Phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and calcium
  • Produces energy in body
  • Maintains healthy bone improves glucose intake
  • Gives you cranial vessel comfort

  • Many faced allergies after the consumption.

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Life Extension Neuro-mag Magnesium L-threonate Dietary Supplements

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Life extension uses Neuro-Mag formula of magnesium as magnesium L-threonate form. This bioavailable form of Magnesium was developed by MIT, which was slowly taken into account for supplementation by giant supplement companies.

This dietary supplement boosts cognitive functions and enhances brain memory. The supplement is most suitable for older people as researchers showed this supplement is effective in growing brain cells rapidly in older bodies.

The formula is also effective in relieving chronic neuropathic pains. Besides all these benefits of magnesium, this supplement is most efficient in strengthening bone and muscle.

Increased glucose production enhances physical and mental energy as well as better nerve function.

  • Rapid growth of brain cells
  • Improved nerve function
  • Increased memory and brain function
  • Healthy bones and muscle
  • Relieves neuropathic pains
  • Enhanced physical and mental energy
  • Increased glucose production

  • A lesser amount of Magnesium results in lower efficiency compared to other reputed supplements.

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Nature Made Nature Made Magnesium

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Nature Made’s formula supports enzymatic reactions and proper conversion of protein, fat, and carbohydrate into pure energy. The supplement maintains a healthy heartbeat and aids digestion.

Ample amount of magnesium in the supplement increase calcium absorption, which leads to healthy bones. It supports muscle and nerve function to an extent. Increased conversion of glucose into energy is another benefit that you get from it.

Magnesium oxide in this supplement relieves you from heartburn and acid ingestion, working as an antacid. It also alleviates symptoms of migration and relaxes your muscles.

  • Improves food to energy conversion
  • maintains a healthy heartbeat
  • Aids digestion
  • Increases calcium absorption
  • Supports muscle and nerve function
  • Decreases migration problem
  • Relaxes your muscle

  • You may not like the smell. Besides, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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Source Naturals Magnesium Malate

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Magnesium Malate from Source Natural’s supplement supports the detoxification of aluminum in your brain. This compound aids energy production, cardiovascular health, and muscle function.


The supplement is involved in protein synthesis‚ neurotransmitter activity, DNA metabolism, and hormone regulation. The Malic acid in it acts as an intermediate in Krebs cycle where cellular energies are produced.

Magnesium Malate also binds to the Aluminum‚ and supports the removal of excess aluminum from your body. The formula is effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier.

  • Combats excess Aluminum accumulation
  • Maintains nerve tissue cells
  • Enhanced brain power and capability
  • Reduced blood-brain barrier
  • Involved in hormone regulation and DNA metabolism

  • The pills are large and difficult to swallow.

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Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate

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The magnesium Doctor’s Best used is magnesium lysinate/glycinate, which is absorbed 4-6 times faster than oxide and other forms of magnesium.

Once absorbed into your body, magnesium lysinate/glycinate is broken down into primary magnesium and two other standard amino acids – lysine, and glycine.

Supplemental lysine and glycine have stable safety profile. Most consumers will not experience any adverse side effects from lysine or glycine in the amounts in Doctor’s Best.

Glycine is proven to have a calming effect, which makes this product the best pick for those who want to take it for reducing anxiety. A 3rd party tested all these effects so you can rely on this supplement.

  • Formulation is gentle in digestion
  • Faster absorption rate of magnesium
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Calms your muscle
  • No adverse side effects
  • Healthy bones and muscle
  • Enhanced brain power
  • Safe to consume

  • Expensive than most other citrate and oxide products in the market.

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Pure Micronutrients Magnesium Glycinate Supplement (Chelated)

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One of the practitioner-approved magnesium chelates in the form of Magnesium glycinate. The highly absorbable and clinically proven form of Magnesium is bonded with amino acid glycine. It enables the supplement to break down in the intestines, which increases the bioavailability.

The formula is free from starch, dairy, yeast, and Gluten. So, it’s a vegan-friendly supplementation to improve your bone and muscle health.

Facilitates the function of heart and muscle. It maintains healthy blood sugar metabolism and cardiovascular function. Optimizing cognitive function and energy production are few other benefits of taking this supplement regularly.

Many researchers around the formula claimed that it could enhance reproductive system as well as make your muscle relaxed and relief from cramps. You’ll feel relaxed and stress-free because it will help to maintain a healthy nervous system.

  • Highly absorbable
  • Improved reproduction system
  • Bonded with amino acid glycine
  • Vegan friendly
  • Helps form healthy bone and teeth
  • Maintains blood sugar metabolism
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular function and energy production
  • Optimizes cognitive function
  • Anti stress formula
  • Relaxes your muscle and nervous system.

  • Consumption may cause minor stomach pain. But it is temporary.

Buying Guide

To get the most out of magnesium supplement, you better know the types, forms, and bioavailability of them so that you don’t have to regret after buying. Here’s what you need to know before buying one.


Content and bioavailability

Insoluble inorganic salts (oxide, carbonate, hydroxide), soluble inorganic salts (chloride, sulfate), soluble organic salts (citrate, lactate, gluconate, etc.) and soluble organic complexes (glycine and bis-glycinate) are traditional types of Magnesium.


It should be noted that not all magnesium forms contain the same amount of magnesium element. That’s why the bioavailability is not the same. Be sure to check the bio-availability of the element you are buying.

Other criteria for selecting magnesium supplementation are laxative or non-laxative, product safety, and the presence of substances that improve its use.



Magnesium lactate

The most popular magnesium salt is lactate, that is to say, lactic acid, the molecule derived from the energy metabolism which accumulates during muscle fatigue and gives the aches. Moreover, this molecule can trigger anxiety.

Magnesium Aspartate

Aspartate is like glutamate, a neuro-excitator that can prove dangerous for nerve cells.

Magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride is found in many supplements. Its bio-availability is high, and many consumers use it to prevent or treat infectious disorders. However, the actual efficacy of magnesium chloride against infections remains unknown due to lack of reliable studies, and it can be a laxative.

Moreover, chloride is an acidifying element. We already tend to consume too many acidifying foods to the detriment of basifying elements, and high doses of magnesium chloride can theoretically pose a problem especially to the older adults whose buffer systems work less well.

Conversely, it is the salt to be adopted in certain disorders with low chloremia and magnesium (Gitelman's syndrome) and people whose stomach does not produce enough hydrochloric acid.

Magnesium glycerophosphate

Glycerophosphate magnesium is salt that is soluble in fat and laxative. Researchers have compared the laxative effects of various magnesium salts in volunteers and found higher results.

Glycerophosphate (with cofactors) is found in the famous D Stress of Synergia.

Magnesium hydroxide and oxide

Magnesium hydroxide or oxide is a cheaper magnesium salt, with relatively high elemental magnesium, but very low bioavailability (little magnesium absorbed at each intake). It is necessary to fractionate the doses - not more than 50 mg per dose.

Beyond that, magnesium is less absorbed, and also, there is a risk of a laxative effect. These remarks apply to magnesium hydroxide, another inexpensive form.

Marine Magnesium

It's a mixture of salts like oxide, hydroxide, chloride, sulfate with a standard level of magnesium in it.

Magnesium glycinate and bis-glycinate

Bisglycinate is a form in which magnesium is bound to glycine, an amino acid (chelated form). The availability of this chelated forms does not have any disadvantages according to several US studies. In particular, it is used in the composition of the NuMagnesium product of Nutrition (with cofactors: taurine and activated form of B6).

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate has excellent bioavailability, the highest when compared to magnesium oxide and chelated forms. Citric acid, an organic acid of low molecular weight, favors the absorption of magnesium by increasing its solubility.

Magnesium citrate is a well-tolerated form (high dose, the mild laxative effect in some: caution in cases of Colopathy with diarrhea).


What substances to accompany magnesium?

Magnesium alone is not as widely available as it is used when accompanied by facilitators and cofactors. This is why it is preferable to turn to formulas that include these elements.

Vitamin B6, taurine

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) favors the absorption of magnesium, so it is recommended to choose a supplement that contains B6.

The problem is that the dose of B6 is necessary to increase the magnesium plasma content significantly is of the order of 50 mg per 200 mg of magnesium. Or, for 300 mg of magnesium, a dose of B6 is much higher than the one authorized by the regulation, and at levels which can lead to neuropathies in some. Taurine, which also facilitates the absorption of magnesium and the re-entry of magnesium into the cells (after stressing for example), does not have these disadvantages.

Group B Vitamins

Some B group vitamins are used as cofactors in enzymatic reactions using magnesium. Their presence in a food supplement of magnesium ensures that these responses will be carried out optimally.


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