10 Best Toaster Oven 2017

Nowadays toaster ovens are not limited to only making sandwiches or toasts for your quick morning breakfast. People are using them for different purposes, and that’s why more and more brands are bringing out newer models. They are adding new features to their models and attracting their consumers.

So, it is natural that consumers are getting confused due to so many brands and models. That’s why we are listing down 10 best toaster oven from the market.

Product Description

10 Best Toaster Oven Review 2017

Hamilton Beach Toastation Toaster and Mini Countertop Oven

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Hamilton’s Beach Toastation toaster oven is a multifunctional, convenient and compact cooking appliance unit, perfect for a small kitchen. You can toast, bake, reheat and cook a variety of foods easily using this toaster oven.

The toastation features a sliding lever which transforms the toaster into an oven with just a simple slide, and two dials, one for toasting regulations and another for setting baking temperatures.

This toaster oven has a power indicator light and on/off button and comes with a baking pan and a removable crumb tray.

  • Auto shut-off
  • Slide function lever
  • Toast can be easily removed
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Simple compact design
  • Alarming beeps
  • Highest temperature of 450°F

  • Even though you switch off the oven, it does not turn off completely unless you unplug it from the socket.

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Oster 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven-TSSTTVMNDG

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If you love baking, you are going to love the Oster 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven. This modern, large capacity countertop toaster oven features convection baking for even cooking. That means, it circulates hot air throughout the oven for crispier edges, flakier crusts, and even-browning. And the toasting option of this unit allows you to select the desired shade of the toast, from light to dark.

This oven is known for its large capacity interior where you can cook using different functions of cooking, from toasting to baking, convection baking, broiling, warming and defrosting. Also, the interior light and the clear glass door allow you to monitor the progress of your cooking.

  • Convection technology
  • User-friendly digital control panel
  • Large Capacity
  • Easy to clean interior walls
  • Safe to use
  • Polarized 2 prong plug

  • According to some users, the glass door handle of the oven gets incredibly hot.

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Cuisinart TOB-40N Custom Classic Toaster Oven

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The polished stainless steel exterior makes the Cuisinart classic toaster oven a very much stylish addition to your kitchen. It’s affordable and convenient for any type of consumers.

You can toast, bake, broil, bagel, warm and roast your foods using this cooking unit. For hands-free loading and easy take out of foods, Cuisinart included an auto slide out rack to this toaster oven.

The interior of the oven is non-stick coated which makes the oven easy to clean, unlike other ovens.

  • Nonstick interior; easy to clean
  • Generous Interior Space
  • Includes variety of accessories
  • Cool touch handles
  • Multiple Cooking Functions
  • Even™ Shade Control feature to monitor temperature

  • Customers stated that the oven gets really hot and the glass door is tough to open at times.

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Hamilton Beach Easy-Reach Toaster Oven

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If you are looking for a different and unique kitchen appliance, then you may try Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven with a roll-top door and spectacular colored stainless steel body.

The pull-up door ensures a large opening which makes it easy to reach food and prevents foods from spilling on the glass door.

Aside from aesthetic looks, this spacious interior toaster oven features 3 built-in cooking functions, toast bake and broil, and two easy dials to choose the desired cooking functions. The 30 minutes timer and the stay on option help you to achieve optimal cooking results.

  • Spectacular design
  • Different color options
  • 3 preset cooking functions
  • Large interior compared to the unit’s size
  • Great price range
  • Removable roll-up door
  • Easy to clean

  • The racks come off so easily that it can cause the food to drop on the floor.

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Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ

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This mini smart oven from Breville features a 1800 watt 4 Quartz Element IQ heating Technology to cook your food evenly in a minimal amount of time.

The Element IQ Technology enables the oven to adjust heating power according to food types and needs. Using the three distinct racks and multiple preset cooking functions, you can toast, bake and cook many other varieties of foods. And to monitor your food while cooking, you can peek through the tempered glass door.

This oven is totally made up of stainless steel and has a non-stick interior for easy cleaning. To promote easy, fuss free cooking, the smart oven comes with a pack of high-quality accessories which includes a removable crumb tray, a wire rack, and an enamel baking pan.

  • Element IQ Technology
  • Eight pre-set cooking functions
  • Auto shut off
  • Features powder coated steel housing
  • Spacious interior
  • 3 rack capacity

  • This kitchen unit produces heat. It can’t be placed under the cabinet for obvious safety reasons.

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Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Oven

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The TOB-195 heat toaster oven from Cuisinart is a high-end conventional oven which features Shade control. Shade Control is a heat sensor that maintains the precise oven temperature. Using this unit, you can toast as well as bake, broil and cook varieties of foods faster than any other regular oven.

The versatile design of the oven features a fully electronic touchpad controls for multiple preset cooking functions and a digital clock to keep track of time.

Unlike other toaster ovens, the TOB-195 also comes with a dripping pan and a broiler pan.

  • Shade control Technology
  • Safety measures
  • Polarized 2 prong plug
  • Automatic shut-off after 4 hours
  • Electronic touchpad controls
  • Easy clean interior

  • As this toaster oven is a high-end kitchen unit, it’s a bit expensive.

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Proctor Silex Modern Toaster Oven-31122

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The Proctor Silex-31122 toaster oven is a much compact kitchen unit with just a width of 6 ¾ inches. But don’t get fooled by its smaller size, this oven is highly efficient in its work and consumes little power. With a relatively spacious interior, you can toast four slices of bread or two personal pizzas at once. Other than toasting, baking and broiling can also be performed using this oven.

Though this oven is not conventional, it has similar settings featuring an adjustable temperature dial and auto shutoff with a 30 minutes timer. The timer also performs as a toast shade selector.

  • Generous size interior
  • 3 knob controls
  • Ready bell and auto shutoff
  • Highest temperature up to 450F
  • Flexible Functionality

  • Though it’s a toaster oven, customers complained that the toaster function is not always accurate

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BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven- TO1303SB

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If you are looking for an affordable, budget friendly toaster oven, then you can go for the 4-Slice toaster oven from BLACK+DECKER. It is a classic three knob toaster oven constructed from stainless steel. The curved interior of this appliance is designed specially to toast up to 4 slices of bread at a time evenly.

This toaster features a 30-minute timer with the stay-on option and four function cooking which includes: toast, bake, broil and warm. The tempered glass door enables you to see food while cooking and opens flat for easy clean-up of the unit.

The BLACK+DECKER toaster oven comes with a removable crumb tray, a baking pan and a broil rack that fit securely for optimal cooking.

  • EvenToast Technology
  • Four function cooking
  • Compact
  • Fits on countertop
  • 30 min timer option
  • Dishwasher safe accessories

  • The power cord is short (only 2 feet) which is not very convenient.

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Rosewill RHTO-13001 Toaster Oven Broiler with Drip Pan

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If you are searching for a countertop toaster with many other cooking facilities, then Rosewill’s Toaster Oven can be a good fit for you.

You can toast, bake, broil and warm foods using this oven. This 22L capacity oven comes with a wide range of cooking accessories which includes a baking pan, a drip pan and a pizza pan alongside the usual oven rack and crumb tray.

This toaster oven has a plastic exterior and sleek steel interior which helps the inside to get hot quickly and cook evenly. While cooking, you can monitor the condition of your food through the glass window.

  • Adjustable thermostat and high power of 1500w
  • Glass Window for easy monitoring
  • Toasts 6pcs at a time
  • Multiple rack positions
  • Affordable Price
  • 60-minute timer option

  • Many customers complained that the oven stopped working just after a couple of months. It’s not long lasting and durable.

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Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Express Toaster Oven

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The Panasonic NB-G110P Oven delivers conventional cooking quality without fast cooking. It uses double infrared technology to cook up to 40 percent quicker than any traditional toaster ovens. And the two quartz and ceramic elements inside the oven produces super-efficient heat to cook food thoroughly inside out. With its 6 menu illustrated presets, you can warm, toast, bake, broil, waffle and cook many more desired items without any hassle.

This Xpress toaster oven has a unique feature. It controls the temperature and automatically calculates cooking time for various types of food. And you can see the progress of your cooking through the glass door with the help of a convenient interior light.

  • 40% faster cook; cooks evenly
  • Automated cooking time calculation
  • No preheating required
  • All day food options
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Digital timer
  • Stay-cool option

  • Many consumers felt that the bulb inside the oven is not durable. After just a couple of months using, the bulb starts showing defects.


Buying Guide

Before you go and buy a toaster oven, you should know few important things about them. These will help you know your oven better and help you choose a good product.


Standard or regular toaster ovens have a thermostat for temperature control and include an option for broiling. They were originally created to toast bread, but today, among other functions, they allow to heat, bake and roast, and may even come to replace the conventional oven when it comes to cooking for one or a few.

They can have manual controls or digital controls and operate basically the same as the full-size oven regarding on / off and temperature selection.



The volume of oven varies between 8.5-40 liters. Standard parameters: 8.5; 12.5; 21; 28; 40 liters. Small-size furnaces (up to 12.5 liters) are suitable for heating small portions and for making hot sandwiches or toasts.

Interior Coating

The durability and ease of use of the device depend on the quality of the inner coating. The interior surface of the oven must be resistant to mechanical influences (including scratches), high temperatures, and detergents.

Power and Energy

The power in toaster ovens is undoubtedly related to energy consumption but does not directly affect cooking time, as with microwave ovens.

Models that contain numerous cooking options and digital controls naturally tend to work with more power than regular toaster ovens.

Toasters usually work with a power of 1,500 to 2,500 W and have an average capacity of 40 liters.

Different programs  

Usually, times and temperatures are pre-programmed, but it is basically recommended to have manual adjustments of heat and cooking time.

Also, like all household appliances, it is convenient for the oven to have simple controls and easy to operate, whether manual or digital.

Auto power off

Most toaster ovens feature a timer that automatically shuts off heat when the selected program/cycle ends, preventing food from burning or overcooking. Of course, the temperature inside will continue to cook the food for a while, if it is not removed. So it is also important that the oven has sound indicators to warn when each program ends.


Some models of ovens have the unique defrost function, which will be particularly useful if you forget to take food out of the freezer or unexpected visits.


Make sure the toaster is easily washable so that the stains or burned remaining of your toast does not make it look old.


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