10 Best Vitamin D Supplement 2017

For getting the most out of vitamin D supplement, it is important to buy and consume the genuine one that doesn’t have any side effects or contaminated ingredients. If you want something to increase your stamina and endurance to an extent, buy the best magnesium supplement from here. Otherwise you may suffer from vitamin D deficiency and worse.

“But how would I know which one to pick?”

Well, that’s what we are here for.

This list of 10 best vitamin D supplement will make sure you don’t fall for any fake product. The products we included are examined by our professional chemists who ensured that they do not have any harmful ingredients.

10 Best Vitamin D Supplement Review 2017

Nature Made Vitamin D3 2000 IU

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The supplement builds and maintains healthy and strong teeth and bones by improving calcium absorption. It increases the Calcium absorption by regulating concentrations of Phosphorus and Calcium. Also, it regulates your bone’s remodeling process.

Ample amount of vitamin D in your body will make sure the chances of osteoporosis is minimum. Apart from boosting your bone and teeth health, it also improves your immune system.

  • Yeast and Gluten Free
  • Higher Calcium Absorption
  • Regulates bone remodeling process
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Improved immune system

  • This supplement is sensitive to malt dextrin. You should take it with caution.

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NOW Vitamin D-3 1,000 IU

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NOW supplies recommended levels of vitamin D in soft gel forms that are highly absorbable. The safely packed pills are easily swallowed with any type of liquids. They are very efficient in maintaining the recommended amount of D3 if you don’t want to sit in the sun for hours.

Vitamin D increases the absorption of Calcium and leads to a healthy and active formation of your bones and teeth. You get well-dense bones that will support you in your old age.

  • Easy-swallow Soft gels
  • Supports Dental Health
  • Healthy bones
  • Increased bone density
  • Higher Calcium absorption

  • Usually shows effect after 2-3 weeks of consumption.

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Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Vitamin D Supplement

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Unlike other Vitamin D supplements on this list, this one is specially produced for children’s Vitamin D deficiency. The supplement is clinically tested and doesn’t result in any allergies or other side effects. That’s why it is completely safe for your children.

Mostly suitable for infants who are still on breastfeeding. You don’t need to hesitate before giving it to your baby. The consumption will result in better absorption of Calcium. , which may lead to better bone density and healthy teeth.

  • No side effects
  • Even suitable for breastfed infants
  • No dyes, flavors, Gluten
  • Better absorption of Calcium
  • Improved your teeth and bone health

  • After taking it for 1-2 weeks, you child’s teeth may appear discolored.

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Nature Made Vitamin D3 1000 IU

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The soft gels from Nature Made are smaller than peas. That’s why they are easy to swallow. Besides, it dissolves into your stomach very fast. The gels come in an anti-tampering safe bottle so that they aren’t contaminated with anything.

Also, it is US Pharmaceutical certified. You can rely on their quality and transparency of its ingredients. Apart from that, the pills won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath, and they are easily dissolvable in your stomach.

  • Smaller size of pills
  • Anti-tampering featured bottle
  • USA Pharmaceutical certified
  • No after taste or bad breath
  • Easy-swallow soft gels

  • Contains GMO, so it’s not vegan-friendly.

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Vitafusion Vitamin D3 Gummy Vitamins

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Like a standard vitamin D supplement, it allows you to absorb a higher amount of Calcium. You get healthy bones and teeth without even swallowing regular taste-less tablets and capsules.

These gummy soft gels taste like flavored chocolates so keep the supplement away from your children because they might think these are lozenges. Besides they are very fast in healing your bone matrix which you lost throughout your age. So, it is best for elder people who want to get back their youth-like calcium absorption.

  • Fruity flavor
  • Eggs, wheat, soy, milk, etc. free
  • Chewable pills
  • Increased absorption of Calcium
  • Healthy teeth and bones

  • The ingredients contain animal-based gelatin and sugar.

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Zhou Nutrition Vitamin K2 (MK7) & D3 Supplement

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Amongst the tons of health benefits, Zhou’s unparalleled immune support, high bioavailability, Strong bones, and teeth, etc., are the most beneficiary to your health.

Fast transport of calcium through blood allows you to have a sound, active and fresh cardiovascular system. Quick absorption of Calcium ensures that your teeth and bones are as strong as they should be. Besides, the calcium relieves you from your joint and arteries difficulties.

Due to the absence of gluten, yeast and some other ingredients, Zhou is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Lack of inorganic fillers and additives make it a side effect free formula.

  • Healthy muscle development
  • Supports your immune system
  • Fast calcium absorption
  • Maintains healthy bones
  • Higher bioavailability
  • Veggie capsule
  • Arteries and Joint Support
  • Healthy cardiovascular system
  • Easy-swallow pills

  • Consumption can result in an upset stomach for some people.

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Viva Naturals High Potency Vitamin D3 5000 IU

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Viva Labs makes their D3 supplement using Quali-D which is a naturally produced Vitamin D, extracted from sheep wool (lanolin). It promotes higher absorption of vitamin D and improves overall stability.​


Free of GMOs. This means it isn’t genetically modified or doesn’t contain any sugar, yeast, and soy byproducts and any preservatives.​


Like regular vitamin D supplement, they help you form healthy teeth and bones but also boosts your mood and brain function. The combination of MCT and vitamin D enhances your overall physical performance.

  • Easy-swallow soft gels
  • Only one capsule a day
  • Boost your mood
  • Elevated hormone levels
  • Improves D3 levels
  • Blend of MCT with Vitamin D
  • High Potency
  • Increases your overall performance

  • Cattle extracted Bovine gelatin makes it unfriendly to vegans and vegetarians.

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Sports Research Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)

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Contains coconut as additional ingredients. Coconut helps you to develop radiant hair and skin. It boosts your hormone levels and energy levels. Apart from that, you get anti-oxidant benefits and balanced blood pressure.

This supplement proved to show great anti-aging benefits due to the coconut oil. You get reduced chances of heart diseases with reduced inflammatory. Also, it aids you in losing some weight and building muscles.

  • Emulsified for better absorption
  • High potency
  • Reduced heart diseases
  • Coconut oil has multiple health benefits
  • Gluten Free
  • Boosted energy level and hormone levels
  • Better immune system
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Aids in building leaner muscle mass
  • Healthy Bones
  • Reduced inflammatory
  • Healthy teeth

  • Some consumers complained about its smell and taste.

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NOW Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU

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NOW gives you an adequate amount of vitamin D with highly absorbable soft gel form. Mostly suitable for elderly people because it can help them regain the lost bone matrix and strength.

These high potent pills are quickly dissolved and make your immune system strong enough to resist regular infections and diseases. The supplement also showed a capability in elevating one’s energy levels.

Besides aiding your bones, it also helps to prevent gum bleeding thus ensuring you have a healthy dental system. Some users also reported about getting nourished hair, skin and nails.

  • No adverse side effects
  • Improves immune system
  • Easy to swallow
  • Elevated hormone levels
  • Enhanced mood
  • Increased energy
  • Easily absorbed
  • Maintained physical and emotional balance
  • Affordable Price

  • The pills melt quickly. That’s why these tablets stick with one another.

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NatureWise Vitamin D3 5,000 IU

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Our number one pick not only improves your bone and teeth like every other regular vitamin D supplements, but it also promotes muscle function and helps to get leaner muscle.

Additionally, higher vitamin D level in your body results in increased testosterone production. Thus you will have an enhanced overall performance in your daily life. The bioavailable pills easily dissolve in your body, ensuring rapid effect.

Continuous consumption can prevent arterial plaque and increase hormone levels in your body. Their non-GMO ingredients are tested by a third party and proven to aid elderly’s skeletal health.

  • Supports bone and teeth health
  • Increased production of testosterone
  • Promotes healthy muscle function
  • Immune support
  • More bioavailable
  • Prevent arterial plaque
  • Non-GMO
  • Easily digested pills
  • Third-party tested
  • Gluten free
  • Reduces circulation
  • Easy-Swallow pills

  • Includes bovine gelatin, which is not vegetarian-friendly.

Buying Guide

Vitamin D toxicity is very harmful to your body. It can be caused by the over doses you take. Again lack of proper doses will make you vitamin D deficient. That’s why it is best to take enough amount that will satisfy your need.

But most of the vitamin D supplements doesn’t give you the amount they offer. So you need to buy one with proper instruction.

There are much more mistakes that people often make. That’s why read the following to avoid those situations.

Choose Vitamin D2 if you are vegan.

Otherwise, D3 is the best.

Typically there are two different forms or types of Vitamin D. They are Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and D2 (Ergocalciferol). The former is recommended as it’s the form that is naturally produced by the skin. That’s why your body easily absorbs them.

On the other hand, D2 is better if you strictly follow a vegan diet. It is because D2 is formulated using yeast or mushrooms where D3 is produced from sheep’s wool.

Vitamin D3 is also preferable for many other reasons, mostly because it mimics the way in which your body creates Vitamin D3 from solar rays. Because of this, it’s the best pick for which will suit the most.

Choose liquid or gel cap form

Coated caplets or pills comes with few risks. They might not be absorbed well in your stomach. However, this isn’t a problem with other forms of vitamin D supplement like powders, soft gels, and even liquids.

It’s also noteworthy that some pills are held together by using binders. These binders are mostly proprietary, which implies that you might not have any specific amount they use.

Many reported that these binders result into an upset stomach or diarrhea. But if you end up buying a supplement that has binders, make sure that there is no reaction from your end.

More is not always better

When it comes to consumption of Vitamin D supplement, higher does not always indicate you are benefiting more and more. It doesn’t mean that just because there’s a lack of vitamin D during autumn and winter, you can ‘offset’ that lack by taking higher doses of vitamin D supplement.

The fact is, by doing so you can harm your health more than giving it any boost in energy or strong bones. If you notice carefully, most supplements include a caution on their label or instructions, reminding users not to consume over 1,000 IU each day.

The very moment you see the signs such as nausea and weakness, you should be certain that they are toxicity symptoms of Vitamin D. You may take about 2000 IU if it’s safe and appropriate for you.

A daily consumption of 400-500 IU vitamin D is standard for all year long consumption of infants under five years of age.

Also, taking more than the required in one day just to get a higher dosage of Vitamin D might result in a toxic dose of multiple vitamins, especially the Vitamin A.

Check Certification

This certification can come from any third-party source or any Pharmaceutical standards. It’s very important to have certification otherwise you might end up taking higher doses of vitamin D or some contaminated ingredients.

Reports showed that many supplements include around 180% of vitamin D than they mention on the labels. This can be catastrophic for your health.

To prevent this situation, make sure that you are checking the bottle and looking for USP verification or US pharmaceutical certification seal. It’s an indication that the product passed a voluntary and independent quality testing and calcium is compulsary for vitamin D. You should buy the best turmeric supplement to complement your vitamin D intake. These pills usually contain the amount of Vitamin D they mentioned on their label.

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